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Legend of the Seeker Femslash Virtual Seasons

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Continuing Legend of the Seeker with a femslash focus
The Story So Far

This is a volunteer-run virtual seasons project for fans of the femslash in Legend of the Seeker. So far, we have aired one full 14-episode season. You can find all of Season 3 via the community's sidebar, or the Season 3 Credits.

Season 4 is in the works! If you would like to be involved with this project, please see the volunteer post. Volunteer organization will be member-locked. Please do not try to join this community unless you are also volunteering.

About Us

1. This is not a straightforward continuation of Legend of the Seeker; this is a continuation of Legend of the Seeker with a focus on femslash. This is not meant for all LotS fans ever; this is meant for LotS femslash fans. (Also, this is for the TV series, not the books.)

2. This is a multishipper-friendly project. We all know what it’s like to have a canon pairing written to overwhelm all other possibilities; this is not a requirement when you have a canon ship, and therefore it is not necessary for this project. No pairings will be bashed, and while the primary pairing (given the poll results) will be Cara/Kahlan, subtext between Cara and/or Kahlan and other women will also occur. There will be no shipper bashing either - remember, this is all for fun.

3. This project will not entirely disregard canon. All histories and relationships will be treated seriously, even if they are eventually laid aside. For instance, it will not be overlooked that Richard/Kahlan love(d) each other. Nor, though Dahlia will play a part in this project, will her betrayal of Cara be lightly handled or overlooked. All other characters, if introduced or used, will be handled with equal regard to canon characterization. However, canon is not the end-all be-all for this project.

4. This is a women-friendly project. Not only will no pairing be bashed, but no singular woman will be bashed either. The world is big enough for more than one or two or even three different women to live together—there is no need for competition, especially since we live in a real world that is too full of that already. Also, Legend of the Seeker is a show that says that people can change and grow, and that attitude will be given to all women on this show, no matter their past.

5. This is a community project. While pleasing everyone is not possible, an effort will be made not to step on anyone's toes with regards to characters, shipping, canon, etc. Respectful behavior is expected of all participants.

6. This is for fun! While everything will be handled in as careful a way as possible, it's meant to be something joyful and positive. Please try to keep that tone. :-)


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